The Watches-4you Limited warranty policy is automatically in effect upon purchase by the buyer. The warranty on a Watches-4you Limited watches guarantees the buyer that the product meets the standards of usabilty, reliability and durability.

The warranty does not apply:

- damages as a result of improper usage such as scratching, bouncing, falling;

- in case of inattention;

- intentional damage; or

- neglected care.

The warranty on a watch relates to the movement and not to other parts such as the glass or the strap. Wear traces visible on the strap of a watch, must be considered as normal effects of usage. The effects of transpiration on the strap differ from one person to another, due to the differences between acidity.

Watches which are 3 ATM Water Resistant: this means that the watch is protected against minor splashes of water, Watches-4you Limited advises against wearing the watch during activities during which the watch can be exposed to more than minor splashes, such as rinsing of the hands or doing dishes. 3 ATM water resistant watch cannot be worn during showering, swimming or diving.

Warranty does no longer apply to a Watches-4you Limited watch in case a third party performed repair works or other works on the Watches-4you Limited watch, without written permission by Watches-4you Limited.

In case of questions regarding returns and warranty, the buyer can always contact the Watches-4you Limited customer care team via  email : support@watches-4you.com